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Our Short History

how it started

Founded by local residents in 2017, the cafe was created to fill in the gap in dining options in the local area. Real Grounded was the first plant-based cafe in Glebe.

The backstory? Well, a few years ago, sudden and unexpected allergic reactions by one of the owners, resulted in emergency visits to the local hospital, followed by a long list of tests to determine the cause of the anaphylactic reaction. Without any history of allergies within the family or any high stress events to trigger off a severe allergy, the owners started to analyse their eating habits and lifestyle; But nothing unusual showed up. They were perfectly healthy… except for one of them having severe allergic reactions. So why the sudden allergy?

Years later, the answer to that question is still unanswered, but adopting a completely vegan diet and keeping away from two common preservatives (sulphites and benzoates), led to a dramatic improvement in health and well being, as well as no more allergic reactions.

Adopting a vegan diet wasn’t an issue when making meals at home. It was however, a different situation when trying to eat out, especially when adding the two preservatives to the mix of what to avoid. So what do you do when you get tired of very limited options or getting a mild reaction when you do go out to eat? You create a place you can eat at… and that’s how Real Grounded was born.

Well, there’s a bit more to it than that, but that’s the summary version. If you’re interested in more of the story, head over to the blog, where more details will be unveiled. Or better yet, head on over to the cafe and have a chat with the owners themselves.

NOTE: The Glebe location is currently closed.

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