to delight & satisfy

Going plant-based with your food and drink should never be a compromise on flavour, taste and general satisfaction.
There are ways to re-create all the favourites that you grew up on or are just familiar with, in a plant-based way; If done well, you shouldn't "miss" the lack of animal products.

Our everyday menu items are listed below, but if you're looking for our daily and weekly specials, they're only listed in-store. So drop by - you'll be pleasantly surprised by what we can whip up.


Brown Rice with Kidney Beans, Spinach, Cheese and Sesame, Healthy Detox Vegan Lunch. Top View, Clean Food

An all-day breakfast menu and a simple but satisfying lunch and dinner menu


Vegan chocolate cake with berries and coconut on top

Something sweet to end the meal, or to indulge in by itself, our range is sure to please


hand of barista making latte or cappuccino coffee pouring milk making latte art,retro filter effect

Specialty roasted coffee, organic teas and juices... and did someone say hot chocolate with marshmallows?

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