available with almond, soy, coconut, rice or macadamia milk

not just any coffee beans

The blend that we use has been designed specifically to perform well with all forms of plant / nut milks. It was noticed that a lot of the lighter roasting and high altitude coffees were just too acidic and too volatile to sit with sometimes unstable and very delicate milks. This led our local Sydney roaster, Savant Roasting Company, to create a low acid, low to mid altitude grown blend, with a whole new approach to the roasting.

The main feature of the blend is the coffee from Sulawesi. It’s truly one of the most exotic origins on the planet and its pristine environment is breathtaking.

The coffee is produced by a company called Toraco, which is a Japanese company that has full time staff in the mountains that handle this beautiful product. It’s 100% organic (Japanese certified) and washed in the water from the pure mineral springs at the processing station.

The roast that Savant Roasting Company have developed, is a very balanced and chocolaty coffee, that holds very well and compliments all the nutty flavours throughout the whole plant milk menu.

Sulawesi Mountain Tana Toraja

plant based milks that complement


We take our milk just as seriously as we do our coffee, which meant searching for the right coffee milks that were plant based. That means that we tested lots of the other more popular or commonly used plant-based milks available, and settled on what we think is the best.

MilkLab is our preferred brand and accounts for 60% of the milk types we use. Milkadamia is our preferred brand for macadamia milk, which gives the coffee a very full, creamy, sweet taste, making it very similar to full cream dairy milk.

Of all our milks, almond is the most popular choice, as its lightly nutty flavour isn’t too sweet, but is creamy enough for most coffee lovers. Coconut milk is a popular choice when used in hot chocolates or mochas, and is also a favoured choice with coffee, as it’s creamy but not too overpowering.

Soy is a go-to favourite for many, possibly because it’s a milk type that many people are familiar with. Rice milk is a good choice if you’re looking for a lite or skim version of dairy milk.

coffee menu


$ 3.4 / 4.4

Piccolo Latte / Macchiato / Long Black

$ 3.5 / 4.5

Flat White / Cappuccino / Latte / Chai Latte / Hot Chocolate

$ 3.8 / 4.8

Double Espresso

$ 4.0 / 5.0


$ 4.2 / 5.2

Elderflower Matcha / Turmeric Latte

$ 6.0

Baby Cino

$ 1.0
Almond Flat White

Extra 50c for soy, almond, coconut milk

Extra 70c for macadamia milk

Extra 50c for decaf

Less 50c for Keep Cup

iced coffee menu

Iced Latte

$ 5.0


$ 6.0

Cold Drip (Single Origin) / Cold Brew (Single Origin)

$ 6.0

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

$ 6.0

Iced Chocolate

$ 6.5

Iced Mocha / Iced Coffee

$ 7.0

Iced Chai Latte

$ 7.0
Iced Chocolate

Extra $2 for soy, almond, coconut milk

Extra $3 for macadamia milk

why we serve tea tonic

Tea Tonic range

At Real Grounded, we choose to serve the Tea Tonic range of teas, as they’re a range that focus on health and well-being. It’s a 100% Australian company that follows the philosophy of ‘food as medicine’, which aligns with us. Their range is also organic certified, which means no chemicals, additives and pesticides were used, which is also really important to us.

We stock a range of black, green, white and herbal teas, and their matcha teas are also available (see above).

iced tea

Apple Tree / Fruity-Tutti

$ 4.0
Iced blue magic tea

herbal tea

Apple Tree / Oriental Twist / Fruity-Tutti / Berry Green / Bright Spark / Peppermint / Green Tea / Chamomile

$ 4.0

black tea with milk

French Earl Grey / English Breakfast

$ 4.0

caffeine free with milk

Coffee Addict (Dandelion, Wattle Seed, Ginseng)

$ 4.0


Blue Magic / Warm-Spicy / G.L.E.W. (Gingerroot, Lemongrass, Echinacea, White Tea)

$ 6.0
hot tea pouring

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