blended cold & bottled drinks

syrups without the nasties

Berry bowl

What would a cafe be without a range of milkshakes, smoothies and other cold drinks? At Real Grounded, we love making delicious shakes and smoothies that are all plant-based, including the ice cream!

Most of the syrups we use that make the fantastic flavours, are all handmade, in store. The ones that aren’t, have no nasties; So again that means no nasty chemicals or additives in your beverages – just 100% yum and 100% real.

milkshakes menu

Vanilla / Salted Caramel / Chocolate

$ 6.5


$ 7.0

Snickers / Banana Chocolate

$ 7.5

Extra $2 for soy, almond, coconut milk

Extra $3 for macadamia milk

smoothie menu

Mixed Berry / Banana / Mango

$ 7.0

Mango Coconut / Apple Avocado / Pina Colada (non-alcohol)

$ 8.0

Extra $2 for soy, almond, coconut milk

Extra $3 for macadamia milk

australian water and juices

Beloka bottled water

Why choose bottled water from somewhere else in the world when you can drink Australian water from our own alps? Beloka water is mineral rich, pristine water, taken from the heart of the snowy mountains.

Similarly, when it came to choosing a bottled juice, Parkers Organic Juices were a natural choice. Like our other suppliers, they align to our chemical free approach to food and drink. Not to mention that drinking your fruit and vegetables helps you absorb more of their nutrients.


bottled drinks menu

Juices: Blood Orange / Apple / Mango Orange Apple / Passionfruit Orange Apple / Raspberry Apple

$ 5.0

Lightly Sparkling Juices: Blood Orange / Mango Orange / Passionfruit Orange / Apple with a Twist of Lime / Lemon Lime Bitters

$ 5.0

Still Water 500ml

$ 4.0

Sparkling Mineral Water 250ml / 500ml / 750ml

$ 3.5 / 4.0 / 5.0
Parkers Organic Juices

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